Go Tell It On the Mountain on A Traditional Christmas (to benefit the Megan Nicole Kanka Foundation):

 BDF Sound Studio  CD001 [2003]



                      Shirish Korde: Drowned Woman of the Sky (a cycle of songs on poems by Pablo Neruda),

                      Soprano Solo on Divinations - Dean Anderson, Solo Percussion: Neuma CD450-87 [1996]



                                           Linda Dusman: Dindirindin (for soprano and tape) on Electro

                                               Acoustic Music III: Neuma CD450-87 [1995]



          Peter Westergaard: Ariel Music (Songs and Arias from The Tempest), Soprano Solo on

           Peter Westergaard: CRI CD696 [1995]



                                      Shirish Korde: RASA, Soprano Solo: Neuma CD450-85 [1994]



     Urban Cabaret - Works for Voice and Piano and Solo Piano Works by Arnold Schoenberg,

      Hanns Eisler, and Edward Harsh: Neuma CD450-83 [1993]



                              Pozzi Escot: Visione (for chamber ensemble and voice), Solo Voice on

                               New Music Series Volume 3: Neuma CD450-81[1993]



        Jean-Claude Risset: L'Autre Face (for soprano and tape) on Electro Acoustic Music 1: Neuma CD450-73 [1990]