the manifesto is as follows:

                        the spirit of DaDa "dictates" that the manifesto may change at any time.


There's a certain something that kicks me in the pants (or the skirt, as the case may be), demanding to be sung/played/presented.  I recognize that this is purely subjective, of course.

Let's call it "Social Reverberation."

                    People embroiled in a defining moment - positive or negative

                    Lamentation, Catharsis, Protest

                    Absurdism and Anger

                    Sarcasm and Surrealism

                    Playful Impertinence

                    and Ingenuousness

I love the piece of music that paints a portrait of some-anyone. A snap shot of humanity at it's best and worst and in between.  A lot of music falls into this category, I know. And I love a lot of music.

I respond to the impulse triggered by the music, without a whole lot of concern for period or style. 


Is there a voice speaking that deserves to be heard? Is it imparting something that I really should know? It is echoing a re-current woe?  And on and on the list can go...

Presto! there's my Manifesto!