avant-alterna-rock, expressionist punk, or just plain tone-row crazy?

                                            The Punjab Frontier Force - 1991 N 

                                             Political Reality

                                                Mind Control


        electro-acoustic                                                                                             new chamber music

                         Risset L'autre Face                                        Westergaard Ariel Music S


                                                   jazz/cabaret/and whatever else...

                                       Roach Driva Man        [live] X

                             Dans les Prisons de Nantes        [live] v

                       Brother, Can You Spare a Dime (quiet beginning)    [Live] R

                       Brother, Can You Spare a Dime (big finish with a little wow on the mic) [same concert]

                    Hurt (T. Reznor)  [live] X

                                                The Passenger (Osterberg/Gardiner)  [live]  X    

                                                          Aoua! meffiez-vous des blancs  (Ravel - with guitar distortion) [live} X    

                              the Impetus originals [live] X           

                               Das Labeling-Song (Intro)

                               Das Labeling-Song (more)

                               Child of All and Always


                                  world/traditional music

                                      Go Tell It On the Mountain        American  v

                                                 Gardel Silencio      [live]          Tango Argentino R

                                                 Vant de Seara       [live]          Romanian Romanza  v

                                                 Du-te la Calugarie  [live]          Romanian Dance  v


                 expressionist fun time

                                               Krenek Mauern Wachsen                   [live]   v

                                  Berg Im Zimmer                             [live]   v

                                  Krenek Der Genuss des Unendlichen      [live]   v




N Steve Gluckin - guitar, Jim Hobbs - sax, Ed Broms - bass, Ray Anthony - drums; all music/lyrics by S.      Gluckin, copyright 1990

S Composers' Ensemble at Princeton, Michael Pratt - conductor                                                               

X Impetus: Geoffrey Burleson - piano, Dave "Knife" Fabris - guitar, M Tegzes - vox

v Geoffrey Burleson - piano

R Geoffrey Burleson - piano, Geoffrey Kidde - flute