geoffrey burleson - piano

                                                                                 maria tegzes - soprano

                                                                          david "knife" fabris - electric guitar


                                                                   "every man is a quotation from all his ancestors." -emerson



                                              What drives our musical choices?            

Like Martha Graham's theory of "Blood Memory," there are forces and musics that speak to us, without concern for sense or cause - time or place. Something triggers an impulse. This something is the impetus. It resonates within us, and we must act. The impetus may deliver us to new terrain - alien and unnerving. Conversely, we may find a world of uncanny familiarity, whether of our time or another.

Therefore, we are Impetus, not because we enact such a powerful force, goodness no!! But because we respond to and celebrate it.

Come celebrate with us!




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