There once was a Rider in Blue

And with Herr Brettl he flew and flew.

To help the baby Tzara did they

discover his DaDa one bright day.

Past one Black Cat and then 4 more

They came upon the Bauhaus door:

"Home at last," they grinned and sighed,

"Now let's get things eclectified!"



So...what's my point?? Do I have an ax to grind about this eclectic business - or what!! If you've come this far, you've learned a thing or two about me - and this is one of those things.


The Dadaists embraced - and at times dashed to bits - ideas of all cultures.

Same with the Bauhaeuser.

Both groups held a deep respect for tribal peoples.


I think the whole idea is that we DO NOT live in a vacuum and we are glad this is so.  We see interconnectedness among the myriad elements of existence (yea, verily, neither can I help myself from searching among nearly all things for this interconnectedness).

I mean, everything is made of the same materials that were born with the universe. All substance has actually existed since the creation of the world.

That's not me talking, that's science, ladies and gentlemen!


So maybe I want to perform the blues and jazz (in addition to other musics), because there's a particle of me that was once a washboard or a blues man's guitar pick - or the ash off of one of Billie's cigarettes.

You see how this eclecticism thing works - well, in my mind, anyhow.

So find a cultural interconnection today. You'll be glad you did!


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